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UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401

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UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401
UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401
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Product description

Indoor air pollution: an international health problem!

The quality of the indoor air we breathe determines our health and well-being.
The less dust, allergens, micro-organisms, and chemical contaminants we inhale, the lower the risk of getting sick.

Demonstrated by studies by leading institution WHO (World Health Organization) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency - the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), indoor air in our living, working and mobility areas are often 2 to 5 and even up to 100 times more polluted than the air outside due to biological and chemical loads!

The problem is exacerbated by modern methods of energy-efficient construction. As a result, inadequate ventilation often causes undisturbed expansion in our indoor spaces with bacteria, viruses, dust mites, mold, particulate matter and pollen.

Given the increasing burden of particulate matter and pollutants, clean indoor air is no longer a given. The quality of breathing air has deteriorated significantly in recent years. Everywhere in our indoor spaces, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, mold, particulate matter, and pollen can spread undisturbed.

Plenty of reasons to pay attention to the quality of your indoor air.

UV Plasma ionizer air purifier CA-401

Suitable for small and large rooms up to 60m² / 150m³ / 645ft²
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Health starts with clean air!

The Clean Air Optima® UV Plasma ionizer air purifier CA-401's unique quadruple filter technology purifies indoor air of virtually all unwanted substances and odors such as:

• Dust
• Bird dust
• Bacteria and viruses
• Cigarette/tobacco smoke
• Fragrances
• Gases
• Fine particles (PM2.5)
• TVOC's
• Hair and flakes
• Dust mite
• Mold spores
• Pollen

With its slim tower model and neutral color scheme, the Clean Air Optima® UV Plasma ionizer air purifier CA-401 can be used in any residential and commercial interior.

The CA-401 air purifier features a choice-program: completely silent air cleaning without a fan or very powerful air cleaning with the low-noise fan turned on.

luchtreiniger clean air optima

Effective air cleaning in five steps:

1. Suction
Suction of polluted indoor air by the low-noise, powerful fan.

2. UV-C lamp
The lamp's ultraviolet light (UV-C radiation) with a wavelength of 254 nm kills health-damaging microorganisms such as: germs, viruses, fungi (mold spores) and bacteria. In addition, microorganisms that have accumulated in the device are destroyed.

The combination of the electrostatic filter and the plasma technology binds compounds of a size of up to 0,01 micrometer. Those compounds are fine dust, pollen and all other kinds of particles. The electrostatic loaded dust collector catches floating particles and harmful substances like a magnet. The stainless steel lamella can be cleaned very easily with a damp cloth.

3. Electrostatic filter
The special electrostatic filter system within the UV plasma ionizer air purifier CA-401 can absorb the air also without the ventilator. An electromagnetic field is build up within the device which puts the air and the dust particles under electric tension, the dust particles are sucked to the dust collector lamella like a magnet. The air loses its tension and flows through.

4. Ionization
Ionization produces negative ions and cleans the indoor air. The positive feature of the ionization is that it enriches the air with active oxygen. Negative ions attach to the dust particles, micro-organisms and other unwanted compounds and attach them to each other. This way the particles become heavier and sink to the ground or a filtered by the air purifier.

5. Purified air
Clean, healthy breathing air flows into the interior space.

Luchtontvochtiger, luchtreiniger, clean air optime, ca-707 smart

Easy to use via the control panel

The clear control panel on the top of the unit features five touch senstive keys for easy selection of desired settings. In addition, the air purifier CA-401 is equipped with a remote control.

Settings of the air purifier CA-401:
• Turning on and off
• UV-C lamp (switchable on and off)
• Ionizer adjustable in three speeds (High-Med-Low)
• Fan (switchable on and off)
• Timer for switch-off time (1-7 hours)

Usage and maintenance


Reiniging elektrostatisch filter
The electrostatic filter is equipped with stainless steel (SS) dust collectors. First turn the unit off and then unplug it. Wait a few minutes. Then pull the electrostatic filter from the top of the unit. Clean the stainless steel (RVS) dust collectors with a soft, slightly damp cloth to which a little detergent may have been applied. Replace filter dry! In normal continuous operation (24h/day), we recommend cleaning the electrostatic filter 2x per week.

Cleaning the ionization rails
The Clean Air Optima® UV Plasma ionizer air purifier CA-401 features a cleaning mechanism for scraping the two triangular toothed ionization rails. This scraping takes place when the electrostatic filter is removed from the unit and reinserted by the two scrapers located at the bottom of the filter. Under normal conditions, we recommend cleaning the ionization rails twice a week. To perform this cleaning, pull the electrostatic filter out of the device 4-5 times in succession and replace the filter.

No replacement filters required!
Simple filter cleaning eliminates the need for expensive replacement filters = cost-saving!

Replacing UV-C lamp

The UV-C lamp of the Clean Air Optima® UV Plasma ionizer air purifier CA-401 has a lifetime of 8,000 operating hours = 1 year of 24/7 operation.



Suitable for rooms up to:60m² / 150m³ / 645ft²
Filter technologies:UV-C LED Lamp, electrostatic filter, ionizer
CADR value:N/A.
Auto programs:No
Timer:Turn-off time (1-7 hours)
SMART control using the Clean Air Optima® App:No
Fan Capacity:capacity up to 50m³/h
Ionizer capacity:>2.000.000 negatieve ionen / cm³
Active oxygen:< 0,05 ppm
Power voltage:AC 220V - 240V / 50Hz
Power consumption:max. 25 watts
Filter replacement:Replace UV-C Lamp after 12 months
Dimensions:76 x 20 x 27 cm
Weight:4,35 Kg
Noise level:Soundless without fan. With fan < 35dB(A)
Color:Dark gray with light gray grid
Remote control:Yes
CategoryAir Purifiers



4.7/5 227 reviews
Placed on 16-10-2022

Je possède cet appareil depuis trois ans et tout fonctionne parfaitement.En ces temps de covid,il est plus que nécessaire lorsque je rentre chez moi avec la la lampe uv

Placed on 29-09-2022

I bought UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401 couple years ago. This ionizer became so popular at my house that I have just bought one more to prevent fights for having it in one's or another's room. Eventually i will get more for each room. easy to clean, silent, the air quality improved dramatically. I will recommend this one to everybody. Excellent device.

Placed on 28-08-2022

Betaalbaar, Snel geleverd, besteld op aanraden van kritische vriend die eerder zelf bestelde en naar volle tevredenheid gebruikt. In hoogste stand enigszins luidruchtig maar niet heel storend. prijs kwaliteit echt uitstekend.

Placed on 12-07-2022

Unsere Einsatzgeräte haben wir bereits seit über 2 Jahren im Betrieb, aber unsere damals gestellte Bewertung finden wir niergends wieder. In diessem Zusammenhang weise ich noch mal darauf hin, daß unsere damalige Anfrage bis heute nicht beantwortet wurde. Trotz allem setzen wir 5 von 5 Sterne für diese Geräte ein, da es gerade jetzt bei den hohen Außentemperaturen und den gegebenen Sparmaßnahmen es von Vorteil ist, diese Geräte mit ihren vorhandenen Lüftern (15 Watt) absolut ausreichend für ein Wohlbeinden in dem jeweiligen Raum bedeutet, normale Lüfter haben 500 und mehr Watt Stromverbrauch !

Placed on 17-05-2022

Goede prijs en snelle levering, wij zijn vol lof over het toestel en vlotte afhandeling van Clean Air Optima!! Het toestel CA-401is zeer stil, de lucht is zuiver en ook koeler. GOEDE AANKOOP!!

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