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Design Tower Fan CA-406B

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Design Tower Fan CA-406B
Design Tower Fan CA-406B
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Product description

Design tower fan CA-406B for cool performance during hot days

The excellent design of the Clean Air Optima® design tower fan CA-406B offers a super slim tower design and combines space-saving good looks with effectiveness and therefore fits into any interior. Convenient adjustment via remote control and timer function. Adjustable dynamic airflow from 7 meters/second to soft, cooling palm breezes through large horizontal rotation angle of 90°.

By choosing to incorporate a vertical fan rotor, this quiet but powerful fan comes in a very compact and slim tower model in attractive matte coloring and design suitable for any home or business interior.

ventilator design 404 clean air optima

Dynamic airflow

The CA-406B deluxe tower fan is a compact fan without blades, features an advanced fan system with vertical rotor and three speeds, settings for normal or natural airflow and sleep mode.

Air speed up to 7 meters / second and air displacement up to 520m³/h.
ventilator design 404 clean air optima

Horizontal oscillation 90° and 360°

Angle of rotation of 90° for the entire fan.
Rotation angle of 360° for the upper part of the fan.

Temperature sensor with 3 settings

Through the built-in temperature sensor, the fan responds to the measured temperature in the interior.

Fan setting 1: temperature between 24°C and 28°C
Fan setting 2: temperature between 28°C and 35°C
Fan setting 3: temperature above 35°C
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Low noise and energy efficient

The CA-406B fan system provides three fan settings:

• Maximum power consumption only 45 Watt at fan setting high.
• Power consumption 35 Watt at fan setting medium.
• Power consumption 25 Watt at fan setting low.

Comfortable handling

The convenient control panel on the front of the fan features touch sensitve keys for selecting the desired setting. For optimal ease of operation, these settings can also be controlled via the included infrared remote control, which can be stored in the designated compartment on the back of the fan after use. With the timer function, the moment of turning off the fan can easily be programmed.

Digital monitoring
The LED monitoring on the front of the design tower fan CA-406B corresponds to the control panel and remote control.

Settings CA-406B:
• Three fan modes
• Dynamic natural airflow ECO or pulsating breeze
• Airflow sleep mode on the LED moon mode
• Timer setting up to 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours
• Automatic rotation angle 90° (switchable on and off)
• LED power
• Temperature indication in °C
Usage and maintenance


Place the fan on a flat stable surface. Do not use in wet or humid environment such as bath or shower, indoor pools etc. Refer to the manual provided for other information,.


Accumulation of dust and dirt at the rear will adversely affect fan performance. For optimal effect especially clean the back of the fan at least once a week. This fan is very safe and easy to clean:

1. Turn off the device and unplug it.
2. With continuous use (24 hours/day) and under normal conditions, we recommend removing the collected dust from the air inlet side at the back of the unit once a week and from the front air outlet side at least once a month.. Wipe entire exterior with a damp cloth once a month.
3. If necessary, gently clean the rotor with a vacuum cleaner on low power. To do this, first loosen 1 screw using a screwdriver and remove the rear grille.
Warning: reinstall the grid first and only then put the unit back into operation..
4. If necessary, you can use on a soft cloth some neutral detergent mixed with lukewarm water (below 50°C) to clean the fan exterior and then dry thoroughly.
5. If the fan is not in use for a long period of time, we recommend cleaning the device thoroughly beforehand and allowing it to dry thoroughly. The device should be stored in a cool and dry place.



Airflow:up to 520m³/h.
Airspeed:7 meters / second
Timer:Timer setting up to 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours
Fan speeds:3-fold fan setting: low - medium - high
Ionizer capacity:N/A.
Active oxygen:N/A.
Oscillation:Turning radius (oscillation): 90° for whole fan
Power voltage:220V – 240V / 50Hz
Power consumption:45 watts (high), 35 watts (medium) and 25 watts (low)
Dimensions:Tower H 96.8 cm / Diameter 17 cm / Base plate diameter 28 cm
Weight:4,8 kg
Noise level:<25 dB(A) (position low)
Cable length:2 meters
Remote control:Yes


4.8/5 141 reviews
Placed on 24-12-2022

Bonjour, j’ai beaucoup aimé ce ventilateur je l’ai commandé le 16 décembre 2022. Je l’ai reçu le 22 décembre 2022. Les qualités du design ventilateur tour de Clean Air Optima ventilateur-colonne y’a plus violent, dit elle est au top mais y’a qualité de ventilateur ça fait bien dormi.

Placed on 21-12-2022

Good quality product, produces a low amount of noise and does what describes.

Placed on 31-08-2022

Superventilator, redelijk stil, doet wat ie moet doen. Echt een aanrader.

Placed on 29-08-2022

Mooi diegene en werkt goed.
Handig met afleesbare tempratuur.
Echt een aanrader.

Placed on 28-08-2022

Goede kwaliteit ventilator. Het was mij niet duidelijk dat het bovenste gedeelte niet automatisch draait, maar je kunt wel handmatig een tweede blaasrichting stellen 360 graden. Het is erg handig dat de temperatuur op het display staat en de blaaskracht is enorm, waardoor deze ook geschikt is voor een grote ruimte. Zeker geen spijt van de aankoop, maar hot mocht iets duidelijker op de site staan dat 360 graden een handmatige instelling is.

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