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Fan for cooling on warm days!

Fan for cooling on warm days!
Posted on 28-7-2022 by Jurgen

Fan for cooling on warm days

A Clean Air Optima® fan causes air to move, producing a cooling effect by creating a powerful airflow. This is similar to a breeze on a warm summer day. As air flows past your skin, the sweat on your body evaporates faster, making it feel cooler.

Cooling effect of a fan

The warmer it is, the more sweat the body produces. The evaporation of this sweat causes our body to cool down. Heat is released not through the sweating itself, but through the evaporation of the sweat that is produced.

A Clean Air Optima® fan can create a powerful airflow which can be directed at the body. This causes the sweat to evaporate faster, thereby cooling the body.

Circulator fan for cooling and supporting other air treatment equipment

The Clean Air Optima® circulator fans ensure that the air present in the interior is quickly, coolly and continuously circulated. Thanks to the innovative and aerodynamic fan blade, the fan moves air, in a unique spiral form, at a much higher speed than standard fans.

The rotating spiral airflow creates a reflective effect on walls, the ceiling and floor. This ensures better airflow distribution throughout the interior.

The effective aerodynamics technology of a circulator fan increases the effectiveness of the other air handling equipment present in the room, such as an air conditioning system. The rotary airflow ensures that the cooled air from the air conditioning system, is evenly distributed in the room.

In winter, the circulator fan distributes air evenly, preventing cold air around the floor and ensuring that warm air does not uselessly accumulate under the ceiling. As a result, the desired temperature is reached more quickly, resulting in substantial savings on energy consumption and costs.

Tower fans for a powerful, cooling breeze

Clean Air Optima®'s tower fans are great for a cooling breeze in living and working areas on warm days and are very quiet and economical in operation. By choosing to incorporate a vertical fan rotor, the quiet but powerful fans come in a very compact and slim tower model suitable for any home or business interior.

Unique features of Clean Air Optima® fans and circulators:

• Provide pleasant cooling in all indoor areas.
• Quiet operation with powerful performance.
• Elegant and compact design fitting any interior.
• Low energy consumption.
• Easy operation with touch keys and remote control.
A guarantee for healthy indoor air quality

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